How you price your domains

Started by himachaldesk, Oct 10, 2022, 12:26 AM

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himachaldeskTopic starter

I need a specific name listed in Sedo for at least $200.
I offered $2,000 to start with. there is no answer. Then I made a $5,000 offer with no response.
I searched on other websites and found it on an Offer for $50,000.

I know you can't transfer more than $100k to Sedo, it doesn't have a rating, so I guess that's why he only had $200 min.
Now it has deleted the after list.
It's not worth 50k, the fact is that he can ask for what he wants.
I also prefer not to waste my time on such a seller.

Wiley Harding

There are several opinions about the value of used domain names. For beginners of unique projects, web experts advise to purchase new domains. It is worth buying a used domain for website if the subject matter is the same. An in-depth history check is required before purchase.
Free online services help in the verification. The user can also specify the name in the search engine himself and analyze all links pointing to the site.

Before buying, the user can independently estimate the cost of website. There are several free online services – GD f.e. These programs determine the price by several criteria and give only an approximate value.
You can find out the exact price of website when contacting a domain broker. Some company's experts will pick up beautiful domain names in various top-level zones, tell you what the domain price depends on, and offer suitable options.


I think the main thing is to find someone who may need your domain name.
You can probably get $100-$10K for it.
But, the procedure for transferring  domain is terrible - few people will decide unless absolutely necessary and if the amount is less than a $1K. It is much easier with info and com and other international ones.