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Started by satyampandey, Nov 10, 2022, 02:22 AM

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satyampandeyTopic starter

There is a registered hosting for a legal entity. The domain is hanging at the Infolada,  which is registered to a legal entity.
Infolada technical support says that they cannot register dns servers , and in order to transfer the domain to another registrar, it is necessary to reissue documents for a legal entity.
Alternatively, they offer to register a new domain and make a redirect from the old to the new one. Are there any other options for how to link the domain to the site in addition to the new reg and redirect?


If you have a domain there, You can connect the DNS wizard service and add any DNS records there.
I have not worked with Infolada, but most likely you can transfer the domain directly to yourself.
The second option is to change the NS domain records to hosting records or to some third-party ones. If you do not rule out a change of hosting in the future, I recommend the second option. From third-party mail is an excellent option, you can also make mail, free and dimensionless. And then link hosting via A records.