Looking to buy 1 Word Dictionary Word ( .me )

Started by kaufenpreis, Jun 29, 2022, 10:29 AM

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kaufenpreisTopic starter

I am looking to buy many names in dotme please send me the domain name and price in pm.

I am Not looking to buy any other tld other than dotme so please don't send me domains in other tld.

My overall budget is usd 5,000/- and i am willing to spend anywhere from USD$50-200/- depending on the domain or more if i can make use of it.

Please send the domains.




prices in the zone .ME is one order of magnitude or even two lower than the prices in other, older, domain zones. Where and how to buy .ME?
The sweetest, of course, has already been sorted out. But don't give up prematurely. Through the registry's site, you can easily find who owns a specific domain name. From personal experience, I can say that if you call by phone, the chances of getting a quick response are 10 times higher than just writing by email.

Many names were booked by the Montenegrin government itself. Several times a year, they throw out a package of excellent "premium" domains through Sedo or another broker. The current one .ME sale on Sedo.

If you can convince the Montenegrins that you will make a world service, here's how Tony Conrad, who got About.Me is just free – you will have a jackpot. You can do this through a special development program.
Further, it would be possible to cite a big number of (domestic) examples of how various young companies use .ME (RocketStart.Me , LookAt.Me , ...). But this is probably already a topic for another topic. I will be happy to answer all your questions and share my personal experience (the company where I work already successfully uses several excellent domains in that zone).