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Started by dewalds86, Oct 27, 2022, 02:25 AM

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Dear forum users!
How do you usually conduct a dialogue with a potential buyer if he did not place a bid, but simply requested a price on the parking page (or set a minimum price as a price)? What do you think is better to write?
According to your own statistics, how do they react to the phrase "offer your price" or is it better to write yourself right away?
Is it worth writing about the advantages of such domains, etc.? How do you convince?

Do you think it's worth giving examples of real transactions in the first message? Is it worth writing beautiful phrases like You can buy it right now for $3333?
And more.. maybe a stupid question, but by the age of the domain is meant exactly how old is he in total or how old is he with me? Can I say that it is 5 years old if it was first bought 5 years ago?


There is no perfect template if there was one, it would be a mythical "loot button"
It is not always possible to find out who exactly is the buyer. Although even if you have this information, an assessment of the character and capabilities of the buyer may be very far from the truth.
There are a number of books on behavioral psychology and neuromarketing that can be read for development: "Predictable irrationality" - Dan Arieli, "Psychology of Influence" - Robert Cialdini, "Think slowly... Decide quickly" - Daniel Kahneman, etc. To develop a strategy, you need a very large sample and a lot of tests, otherwise a small sample error may occur.

You can use standard marketing patterns. I will give some, in my opinion, the main ones (I am not strong in the names of terms, this is my free interpretation).

Anchor price. This is the price benchmark from which further communication will go (if it goes). If you do not name the price, then a potential buyer can make a counter offer to you and with a high degree of probability, it will not be the price you wanted to hear. But on a subconscious level, you will begin to build on this price in your next offer.
Example, you have a domain name, a request is received, you do not know how much to request for a domain and you are responsible - offer your price. I will not delve into what emotions a potential buyer can visit at this moment, but let's say he tells you the price of $10. And then you suddenly realize that you want more (a standard phenomenon, the majority "suffers") and form a counter-offer (but already starting from the price offered by the domain buyer). If at the moment when a potential buyer asked you for a price, you would have called $100, then the buyer was already starting from this price.

Backup. It can be from any side, but usually from the seller's side it is significantly more expensive. This can be a reference to both your own products (domains) and those that are freely available.
Example, you have a domain which you immediately offer to buy for $50. And "back up" it with another domain. There are more , but it costs $100. Of course, it is advisable to put a "backup" first (as they do in the menu of advanced restaurants).

UTP (unique trade offer). Adding value to your domain, everyone has their own arsenal here: employment in other zones, age, the price of redemption from auction, etc.
Example, you have a domain, which you offered to buy for 5,000 and "backed up" with a domain for $100 .

Fear of loss. This is a time limit on the price offer, the presence of other potential buyers, etc. You can add another "appendage", a bonus that a person can get right now.
Example, you have a domain, which you offered to buy for 5,000 and "backed up" with a domain for $100 and issued a USP. And then you offer a discount or say that the discount is valid right now, or that the price will rise one of these days. Also add the bonus "it doesn't get better .de", which generally costs 2,000, but only today will be given to the buyer as a gift

There is no guarantee that after using any of the described methods (or any other than a soldering iron), your domain will be bought.


one person wrote to me , the owner of a web studio, short semantic .fr, but ..
a crooked domain with a grammatical error
he even did when he registered a bundle
I extended it with a machine gun for 3 years, eventually threw it out , he followed it and picked it up for an online store
, he had to give it at least for a mower , but he was painfully arrogant.


"I received a request for a good one .de domain. The person writes "1000". I asked again "in what currency?". It turned out that in Vietnamese dong.
It makes sense to conduct some kind of dialogue with him if the domain is estimated at $1-2K?"

In the sense of an accusation? There have been insults from you before in this and other topics. You have once again, not for the first time, written off topic that it is necessary to sell good domains like yours. You think that all this nonsense of yours is acting on someone and you continue to write the same thing in each topic.

You asked me to assess the situation, even though this is not a special situation.. The client estimated your domain at 1000 Vietnamese dong—é Well, probably you are overestimating your domains. The deal, as I understand it, did not take place?