Subdomain or separate domain for online store?

Started by span4bob, Nov 16, 2022, 11:13 AM

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span4bobTopic starter

Such a question was not asked here :)
Tell me how best to do it. There is a corporate web site and there are products that we are going to sell about 5 positions in total.
It is better to register a separate domain name or make a subdomain of the type ?

How is it optimal in terms of SEO to promote a subdomain really in search?
And to come up with such a name in terms of a domain, instead of a banal shop?


Promoting a subdomain is real. But you won't go far on 5 pages, so it's better to make a section /shop on web site and it will pick up the trust of the entire site, as well as that - less spending on promotion.
And then promote it comprehensively: either a web site with a trust drain to a shop, or a shop with a business card in the form of a web site.


A subdomain is not another site. Site authorities from the subdomain are automatically transferred to the main domain.
But not the other way around. At least that's how it used to be. Here is the main domain to the subdomain - another one.
But all the same, the blog should be done on a subdomain. You will be able to change the store and blog management systems more easily if they are at different addresses.
You can keep the store and blog on different servers. This convenience will be very noticeable when there are trade wars with DDoS attacks.