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Started by berto, Oct 20, 2022, 12:01 AM

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Can anyone recommend me a software for creating subdomains? If I own "", and would like to sell subdomains in any existing solution (plug and play).
How does the owner of  " " do it ? Are there any legal issues (mainly if someone is abusing our subdomain?)


The ISPmanager control panel (any edition) simplifies the creation of subdomains for an already created domain.
Using the Auto-Domains option, you can create third-level domains automatically without making configuration changes, thereby saving time and getting rid of unnecessary actions.

Subdomains are usually created as a separate WWW domain, and a directory is added under it. In autopodomains, you only need to create a directory in the desired directory. The location of the directory and its name will depend on the settings described below.
The article answered the most frequent questions that users ask about the operation of the option to add auto-domains in the ISPmanager panel.

Important! To avoid a situation where manual and fine-tuning of virtual hosts is required, it is better to use the "Auto-Subdomains" option only if you create more than ten subdomains. If less, we recommend doing it manually in the Domains - WWW-domains section - Create button.
How is the auto-domains option enabled in ISPmanager?
To enable auto-domains in ISPmanager, you need to log in to the Menudomains - WWW-domains. Next, select the domain and click Over-site management, then in the drop-down list select Site Settings- Additional features -Auto-domains and in the drop-down list specify one of two options :

For the "In a separate directory" option, the subdomain files will be located outside the main domain directory and it will not be possible to access them directly from the main domain. You will need to create subdomains in directories corresponding to the subdomain name in the user's home directory, under which the main domain is created in the directory /var/www/*username*/data/www, for example:

domain located in the folder /var/exampleuser/data/www/
there is a need to create домена
For this configuration to work, the subdomain files must be placed in the /var/www/exampleuser/data/www/ directory

For the "In the domain subdirectory" option, the subdomain files will be accessible from the main domain and in the same directory. I.e., you need to create subdomain directories in the user's home directory under which the main domain was created,/var/www/*username*/data/www/, for example: domain is located in the folder /var/exampleuser/data/www/
there is a need to create a domain
For this version of the subdomain to work, the subdomain files must be placed in the /var/exampleuser/data/www/ directory. In this case, the data will also be available at .