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Started by metallexportprom, Jun 26, 2022, 09:41 AM

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Hi there, I am Charles from Miami. I run a medium-sized Taxi Cab business in downtown Miami. Currently, there are 461 cars that run under my brand.
I am planning to develop a website for my business. My business operates as "TaxiMi". How can I select a domain.? I looked for short domains which are so expensive... Can anyone suggest to me some cool options to consider?

Note: It doesn't need to be my brand name, it can be anything random.


If your business operates as T/A/X/I/M/I, you really should keep the focus on that, IMO. As of today, The "COM" is for sale (the ideal), available at DAN for $4k. If you don't want to pay that, I'd suggest the "ORG" (respectable), which is available as a hand reg

PS To anyone thinking about it, if he opts for the "ORG", don't be dirty and reg it. Let the guy secure his business


Depends on what plans you have for your site. If you realistically see it as growing to some global brand then spend the money on a good .com. that exact match makes sense as long as there are no existing TM issues.

If not, just type your name into a domain registrar and pick a name that you like the sound of that's still available. Don't overspend, cause there's probably no point.


I bought my first domain for $ 3,000, I have already paid for it in 2 years. The theme of my site was relevant for that year. I earned mainly on advertising banners!


I agree with the user of Sadko7777 about the purchase of the ORG domain. All the same, the business should bring money. And not to lose them, a reasoning impression on others. Let someone else spend money in vain


Do not buy domain names that you are not going to renew, unless they are timed to coincide with some event.
Don't spend a lot on the type of names you have little experience with.
Check if names are blacklisted.
If you start registering a lot of domain names, get your own reseller account to reduce the price per domain.

Use search software  to hunt for domain names more professionally.
Choose your registrar carefully. You need a registrar with modest prices, a good reputation and free pushes. Using a reputable registrar will increase the trust of users who buy domains through you. GoDaddy is a good choice - you can save discount codes so you can sign up for their best prices. Moniker is also a good choice, with discounts for DNray members.

Take your time. If you come up with 10 solid domain names, register only one or two.
If you have found a free name, check if its plural/singular version is also free.