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Started by Fan_Tema, Oct 10, 2022, 08:53 AM

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Are the VIP domain names still valuable and are they worth the investment?


A premium domain name is an investment, and every investment should pay off.
The days when people could buy something beautiful "for the sake of show-offs" are long gone, now everything is calculated and justified several times before any investment.

Especially valuable are those domains that, with their sonority, as much as possible conciseness and compliance with the subject of the site, cannot be registered as trademarks or service marks.
Why? And here's why. Suppose I am an individual, I have launched my website project on any topic. And accordingly, I do not want that after my site is promoted and becomes popular, some clever ITs or lawyer registered a similar TK and then pressed me in the courts.
 I myself do not want to register TM at the same time, because I am a physicist and I do not want to become even an individual entrepreneur, not to mention the formation of a legal entity. And even if they allow the registration of TK to the self-employed (which is very logical and what is already being talked about), I still don't want to throw out several dozen mowers for it.
So, it remains to choose a domain that will correspond to the subject of the project and at the same time will not be able to register as a TM. It is these domains that are today, in the conditions of constant legal disputes, real premium domain names.


Usually "VIP" is presented in the form of an abbreviation, the decoding of which is "Very Important Person", that is, "important person", "high—ranking person". But in China, the name of this domain zone has become popular for another reason. There it acts not as an abbreviation, but as a word whose meaning is "guest of honor".

The term "VIP" appeared in China not so long ago, in 1965. It was introduced by the special Committee, China's highest body for standard linguistic translations. Since then, this word has become very common in the country. For example, ordinary bonus cards are called VIP cards there.

Which sites are most often created in the zone .VIP?
Chinese technology companies are most interested in the domain name zone. A new, unusual and attention-grabbing domain helps them stand out from the competition. Moreover, for a Chinese company, registration of a successful domain name in the zone.COM or .ORG is an almost impossible task due to the huge number of organizations in the country.

Other countries use the domain .VIP as an abbreviation of "Very Important Person". It is chosen by the owners of projects seeking to emphasize their prestige and exclusivity of their goods or services.
The domain zone is also interesting to public figures who use it to host their personal web pages. Domain names .VIP is also bought by investors who understand the value of this zone in the near future.