Where to register a domain name so that it is not taken away?

Started by Davidadams, Nov 09, 2022, 01:59 AM

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There is an idea of a site that will help other sites restore links that have become obsolete by publishing hashes of files available on them. At the same time serving as a configurable proxy for links. The site itself will not store files, only identifiers and hashes.
But the user will be able to enter his forwarding settings into his profile. Therefore, they will be able to publish anything in the registry, and it will be almost impossible to check. And although formally the site stores only casts with signatures and does not lead anywhere without a kick, they will find a reason to have a nightmare.

It is critical for the project to maintain control over the domain name so that the links do not become completely unusable. The site may be blocked in certain countries - this is inevitable and permissible. However, it is impossible to allow the confiscation or blocking of the domain name itself. Currently, the main threats are seen as "copyright holders" (from the USA) and "statesmen" (from some countries).
From whom and in which domain zone should I register? And it is also desirable that it would be possible to pay for the domain extension with bitcoin. Suddenly I find myself in a difficult situation, and someone else could save web site.


The situation is more complicated here. IANA, the organization that manages all official domains - if any - is located in Los Angeles.
Do you understand the chain? If right very much step on the corn of the Americans- they turn to IANA, she turns to the technical registrar of the zone, he turns to the registrar who has an agreement with you - and the registrar breaks the contract.

Choose a domain registrar from a neutral country, offshore, India (from those that accept bitcoin - for example, regway, PDR).
Choosing a domain zone, it is desirable that the registry operator is also not from the USA (see https://www.iana.org/domains/root/db ).

But with some effort, they can still block any domain name.


Register a domain name as a trademark.
This method will 100 percent protect the domain from attempts to take it away. If a company manages to register a domain name as a trademark first, no one else will be able to register a trademark that is confusingly similar to it and file a claim against the company for infringement of exclusive rights.
The company will be able through the court to prohibit third parties from using both the domain name itself and similar designations, destroy counterfeit products on which another company placed it, and also demand monetary compensation for the illegal use of the trademark.

For example, for the fact that the company illegally marked its goods with someone else's trademark, the copyright holder collected compensation from it in the amount of 8 million rubles. The amount of compensation was calculated based on the double value of the goods on which the trademark was illegally placed.

Just registering a trademark is not enough to protect the domain. You need to use both a trademark and a domain name. For example, to place a trademark and website address on goods, labels, signage, advertising materials in the media, on television or on the Internet, on documentation that is related to your goods or services, on your website.
Otherwise, anyone who wants to register the same trademark will be able to terminate the legal protection.