Which domain zone is better?

Started by neelseofast, Sep 12, 2022, 12:52 AM

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neelseofastTopic starter

Good day to all.
Tell me in which domain zone it is better to register a domain name.

.info and in my humble opinion is better. I just thought maybe something has changed with the advent of new domain zones.


.INFO wins by all indicators, my first successful project was in that zone and I took it consciously as a whole project name. And I also recommend to see if the domain is free in the zone .WS if you have a theme for a Website, in my opinion it will be better with the same practical meaning (at least when it appeared, it was perceived that way many years ago).
Something may have changed with the advent of new domain zones. But the question is not "new zone or .info"... well, what exactly the domain name is needed for is also not clear. We have already said that the store in .info will look quite strange.


I don't like .INFO nor .WEBSITE.
I have always been a supporter of the .COM domain zone. As a last resort, you can use .ORG. All other domain zones, in my opinion, are just crap.