Who owns the domain name?

Started by AlwayzBluFFinG, Nov 28, 2022, 01:22 AM

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There is a web site of the organization. The site has a domain name. Who does it belong to?
The organization or the one who developed and maintains this web site?


The domain name belongs to its coordination center (registrar), which receives it from ICANN. The Center delegates the rights to accept applications for registration to certain offices, who do this and for money grant the right to use the domain for a certain period to a certain person - a physicist or a lawyer who has signed a contract.
The right to use the domain belongs to the one who paid for it. If the site was made by a freelancer or a third-party office, it does not in any way affect the rights of the one who paid for the domain and does not have any rights to the domain name.

Simply put - who pays and has the details from the personal account, that's the owner.
No sane freelancer or web studio will register a domain for themselves if they do not have a goal to blackmail the company later.


Ways to identify this owner via the Internet :

Through Whois data, what exactly can you find out about a domain through Whois?
 DNS addresses with which you can find out the hosting on which the site is located;
The date of domain registration;
The end date of domain registration;
The surname and initials of the domain owner (Now they often use Private Person, which allows you to hide this data, but you can find old data in the domain history);
Contact details of the owner: phone and e-mail address; IP address of the domain and addresses of other domains at this address.