Discuss and Report Any Details of Domain Sales

Started by kotowicz, Jun 21, 2022, 01:56 AM

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Today I made a second sale of a domain. The domain is New Orleans with two additional keywords .com and I sold it to an end user for $300. To secure the sale, I contacted 28 companies via email and successfully closed the deal following a call.


To be straightforward, the reason for posting a sale could be to display one's accomplishment, demonstrate the effectiveness of one's sales model, share experiences, offer relevant information to the industry, and aid others in comprehending what is currently selling. However, these reasons are rendered pointless if the complete details of the sale are not disclosed.

Most individuals here aren't searching for the background of the sale, but rather reading the story and drawing their own conclusions. Without providing full information such as "I sold xхxxхxхx.com for $xхxX, that I bought X time ago for $X. I can't disclose the info because of buyer's privacy," your post adds no value to the thread and might even be considered spam.

Moreover, there is no evidence that the sale actually occurred. Therefore, my advice would be to either post the entire information or not post at all (if you respect the buyer's privacy).


It is essential that the domain you choose contains keywords that are relevant to the product or service you offer. Additionally, you can select a name that would be appealing to a small business, startup, or as a personal announcement.

I advise prioritizing the use of keywords since search engines tend to favor domains that contain them. This makes them easier to assess when it comes to buying or selling.

If your chosen domain has the potential we discussed in the initial steps of the domain sale process, it is crucial to share your vision for its future with anyone who might show interest. Take a few minutes to write a brief paragraph about the value of your domain.

You can describe who this domain might be useful for or how it can be utilized for commercial purposes. It's important to also illustrate how you envision a website with such a domain name fully developed. This is crucial in attracting potential buyers.