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Started by mishraviplav7877, Oct 06, 2022, 04:44 AM

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Over the past few years, I've found that end users who currently own a domain name are very receptive to someone who wants to sell a domain they don't own. For instance, if you own , and the company owns , they are more than willing to pay for the non-Dash version.
I've done a good job with this mindset, and it's allowed me to switch domain names very quickly for end users who need a great domain name. I think the question I wanted to ask is simple... Have you managed to sell the dash-free version of the domain name to end users?

Let's hear your thoughts. I'll share more details after some comments about how I've done this in the past.


It's a matter of chance. Keeping domains without (or with) dashes on purpose to sell to the end user is a hopeless idea.
You can certainly get lucky, but very rarely.


The dash does not affect the ranking. Modern search engines are programmed in such a way that they do not specifically allocate sites with hyphens to the top positions.
Quite often domain names with hyphens look just unprofessional and stupid.

Any domain name should be optimized not for machines, but for people, so its name should be memorable, simple and convenient. There should be no errors when typing it.
In the event that the domain contains only a couple of short words, then adding a dash between them will only reduce their value, and the domain itself will lose in convenience and beauty for the user.
However, the use of hyphens in the domain is not limited to only negative aspects.

There are also positive aspects:
The dash should be used in cases where it is forced to do the features of the language.
The hyphen should be used in cases where the grammar dictates it to us and such words are not written without a dash.
As practice shows, if a domain name consists of two long words, then writing them with a hyphen will only make you perceive the name better. In this case, the dash helps to improve readability.