Selling domains through ad parking

Started by carldweb, Oct 15, 2022, 02:31 AM

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The rise of ad blocking is a growing concern for those who park their domain names to generate revenue.
Since prevention is so widespread now, a simple question arises. If you're trying to sell a domain name, wouldn't it make sense to have a landing page with these parking ads that provide a link to the marketplace or some contact information for sale?

Is this link to the "sales page or information" blocked at all?
In addition, even if the link is not blocked, does the presence of a landing page through an advertising parking service significantly reduce the likelihood that your domain will be noticed for sale?


The owner of parked domains receives income for domain visitors' clicks on advertisements. Visitors often visit some domains because it is a popular and commonly used word, or maybe a popular website was hosted there before and this pays off the cost of domain registration tens, hundreds of times.
It also does not require financial and time investments in the development of its own advertising platforms, domain parking is a simple and effective way to make money from natural domain traffic.

If the traffic to the domain is large, then many ads will still be shown, which means there will be income.
If there are 2-5 visitors a day, then in any case there will be no profit from parking the domain.


parking services.
There are quite a lot of similar services on the Internet today. When choosing, you should focus on the proposed topics, the convenience of the interface and the withdrawal of earned money.
Foreign auction of domain names, with the number of parked domains more than 4 million. The service has a clear interface and a simple registration procedure. The domain name owner can specify his price or accept offers from advertisers. For users from the CIS, the inconvenience lies in the fact that money is withdrawn only to a bank card or via PayPal, the minimum amount for payments is $ 100.
A service that allows you to park domains for free and place targeted ads on them from Google partners. The user has the opportunity to choose a suitable template for his page. Payments are made to the PayPal account monthly on the 15th, the minimum amount is $ 20.

Secrets of successful parking.
The guarantee of good traffic and solid earnings is the right choice of a domain name.
Even a large number of domains will not bring tangible income if you do not adhere to certain rules of their choice.