How you price domains?

Started by Rita Jaiswal, Sep 20, 2022, 07:21 AM

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Have a good day to everyone and hope that you are doing well.
That topic is important for all domain owners. What criteria do you use when choosing domain names? And how do you rate them? Are you taking it outside or putting it on the market and waiting for buyers?
Please share with us your best domain names and other details.


I proceed from the fact that all the interesting domain names from which profit could come have been occupied for a long time.
Everything that is successfully registered now is successful only in the opinion of those who have registered them.

Well, if it is written unambiguously (without the letters w, y, y, etc.), then this is a big plus. Shortness. And so on
. sometimes you are surprised to find that the name you need is free. Two months ago, I was surprised to find that the domains I needed for the topocart library (topomaps).


Criteria used in the domain names evaluation:

Compactness. It is considered one of the most important criteria. The shorter the domain, the easier it is to remember it.
Subjunctive. A person's memory is arranged in such a way that it is easier for him to remember any association with the domain (preferably positive), which is a relatively positive point.

The presence of a keyword. A very relevant and important factor, since the presence of a keyword has a positive impact on the search, as well as on the understanding of the domain.

Authority. This criterion is intended only for domains that already have a history, that is, used. A domain with good indicators can significantly accelerate the promotion of the site and increase revenue from it, so many webmasters do not miss the chance to purchase a domain with "Authority".
The above criteria are the main ones, despite various individual circumstances that can fully change the price of a domain name. Such situations include, for example, a branded domain. This means that such a domain reflects the open name of the company.