Is your domaining business scalable or are you just lucky?

Started by john45, Jun 23, 2022, 07:52 AM

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john45Topic starter

Just wondering if you think your sales are a matter of good investment strategy and you should be able to scale again, if you start from scratch


do you think that a lot of it is luck?

I am still in the second category and believe that there is a long way to go!


I believe that what we call "Luck" is nothing but a process set in place.
Even our first sale, or the second sale, or the forthcoming ones happen because we learnt something and followed some set process.

When we realised that that process started giving results once, twice and so on, we started repeating the process again and again, which is called Scaling Up.

The more we repeat the same process over time, the greater we see the results following on a consistent basis.

In short, there is no Luck, rather just learning, implementing, analyzing and repeating. (PROCESS).