My first ever sale of a domain name

Started by metallexportprom, Jun 21, 2022, 02:08 AM

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I listed some 60+ domains in Godaddy, sedo and dan few months ago. Though I started making money online years ago and though I knew about domain sales, I never thought of trying it.
But then few months passed. I even featured 2 of my domains with Godaddy and received 2 auctions and that is it. So after some time, I featured 3 more domains. It doesn't happen overnight but some day as I was browsing my email, I read "Your Domain, ***** , Has Sold"
So the next day they sent me email to provide the EPP code. I released my domain, obtained the EPP code and pasted it in my Godaddy "sold" section.
Then in a couple of days they told me that the transfer was complete and that the money will be sent soon. They notified me that the money was wired and after three days, it hit my bank account. Thank God.

What I liked about domain flipping business is the swiftness of the payment because even if you make money as an affiliate anywhere else, you have to wait a month or more to get your money. Here it is almost instant LOL.

Thank you guys for all the help. And hope I will succeed here.


Well, congratulations. Nice seeing people happy with their domain hustle. Keep it up


Glad it's working out for you! Best of luck going forward.


Percentage + transfer fees.


What to consider when pricing a domain name
We will give recommendations for those who want to sell a domain name, including for brokers and professionals who perform the task of selling.

To sell a site for a high price, keep in mind that the market price is affected by:
Number of letters. Big businessmen sometimes want and can financially afford a laconic beautiful address for several thousand dollars.
However, the shorter the domain, the higher its cost is not always.

The number of characters is not the main factor. Of course, short two- and three-letter domains are expensive - at least $ 17,000, and often more. But if the domain name is longer than 2-3 characters, the length doesn't matter anymore.

Gratitude and memorability. Most often, this factor is more important than length, since the domain is part of the brand. The better it is remembered, the greater its recognition among the audience, and therefore the stronger the marketing effect.
Uniformity of writing. Likewise, this factor determines how much a name can promote a company or product.

The presence of the names of geographical objects in the address, especially for local businesses, when the region matters.

domain zone. In the market, .com and .org are more often used. The price of a domain in some zones is an order of magnitude higher - we are talking about a million dollars.
Domain history. The older the domain and the larger the link profile, the more search engines trust it and the faster its positions in SERP grow. Promoting such a resource is faster and easier, so SEO specialists and brokers are ready to buy names more expensive, but with a history.
According to the offers in the public domain name, it can be seen that many initially set an inflated price for domains, taking into account that they will make discounts when interest arises.