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Started by DelB stacey, Sep 19, 2022, 05:07 AM

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The main contradiction in the world of business is the concept of "crisis". For some, this is a complete collapse, while for other entrepreneurs, it is the opening of new economic conditions for growth and development. I always wish everyone to be on the side of success in any financial weather :)


Rental of construction tools:
The average repair period in apartments and private homes is once every 2-3 years. It is then that there is a need for a tool for construction and repair — a screwdriver, a drill, a puncher and so on. The cost of a high-quality tool reaches $1K, while the average person uses it too rarely for payback.
Renting a tool for construction and repair will help meet the demand of the population for a single use. The need for them arises regularly, regardless of the season. You can offer rental of tools for construction and repair through the services of free ads, near construction shops and departments.

Clothing rental:
People are gradually starting to rent tuxedos, cocktail and wedding dresses. The high cost of festive clothing and the rarity of its socks makes it impractical to buy. However, the desire to look spectacular has given rise to a new industry in the sharing economy - the rental and exchange of clothes.
This business without investments is suitable for men and women who decided to trash the wardrobe and found a lot of suitable quality models of clothing and shoes.
Clothing rentals are popular all year round. You can place information about the offer on the services of free ads.