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Started by CrazyNorth, Jun 25, 2022, 02:08 AM

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I want to know that which is the best payment gateway network now a days through which client can make purchases online.
As i have seen that Paypal is the most popular payment gateway and maximum people use it in their websites.


As several have pointed out your local region dictates the main payment processing you use. While everyone makes mention of PayPal, Stripe and others you might also consider a traditional payment processor for credit card payments only. The reason for this is that there are many people who either do not like or trust the previously mentioned processors. They prefer to have payment processors similar to those provided by 2checkout, and others.

While PayPal and others offer payment processing without the need of an account many people are confused by this and simply look past the information they provide stating this fact during checkout. Of course this how many people inadvertently install software and change browser settings when downloading and installing new programs. They are just in to much of a hurry to pay attention.

Do a search and learn what the preferred payment methods are for your area, read some reviews on them and than make a decision.
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We use PayPal and Stripe and handle banktransfers additionally which are often requested in europe, especially here in germany. When using Stripe for the european region you might also add Klarna/Sofort which is a german/europe payment-system and also widely used.

A also upcoming payment-provider that seems pretty intersting is Mollie from the netherlands. Mollie seems especially interesting, as they include every single other gateway into theirs. So you can pay with Klarna, Credit Card, Paypal and many more and you just need to include Mollie.
Especially for small companies with tight budget this might be a good solution for the start, as you save development-costs.

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Had experience with Stripe, Paysera, Braintree, Paypal, kevin and Opay. As some of the other users said, it all depends on who are you collecting payments from.
For US it's best to go with Paypal, also Stripe/Braintree isn't a bad idea as they also provide the best API integrations along with subscription payments.

If your plan is to work in EU, then it is best to use Paysera/Opay/kevin. kevin has the best pricing among all (it takes only 1 cent for transaction of any type).


Hi! I can advise Skrill, since I use this gateway myself. As for me, it is very convenient, there are no unnecessary problems. I can transfer money and receive it using only my email. I have not had any problems during the entire time of use, so I advise you boldly. It's very convenient!


PayPal Standard
The Standard option allows you to set up pretty simple payment methods on your site with a simple copy/paste of code. You can choose from payment options including dropdown menus, subscribe buttons, or simple BUY buttons for a single item. Once you add the code to your website, it will be up and running and PayPal will take care of all the authorization and security.

Authorize.Net is next on our list of payment gateways. It was founded in 1996 and after a series of acquisitions, Authorize.Net and its parent company CyberSource were acquired in 2010 by Visa, Inc.

Which was launched in 2006. Its biggest advantage over other providers is its global availability - available in over 200 countries.

CCAvenue is the oldest of the payment gateways, but is a leading e-payment service provider that has been approved by monetary institutions for sub-merchant selection. Since the financial institutions led by Indian institutions eventually allow CCAvenue It also provides services to more than 85% of e-commerce merchants.


To determine which gateway will be optimal for you, consider the following points: to ensure absolute security for customer transfers; the cost of the commission that will have to be paid for money transfers; possible payment methods. The simpler they are, the more willing customers will pay; compatibility with your current platform