Biiling management software that can send sequentially email?

Started by argoway, Jun 23, 2022, 05:04 AM

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please help to sharing if you know what Billing management software that can send sequentially email?

i want to sell several products that has unique serial number. So i want every time they made payment, an email will send automatically to their email for specific serial number that i put sequentially on backend system.. example i have 10 serial numbers in stock.. the system will send first customer with first serial number, and 2nd customer with 2nd serial number and so on

is this possible, any suggestion for me?

previously i used whmcs, but i dont know if whmcs can do or not.

Thanks alot for your help before


WHMCS is your go to billing management software. There are alternatives but WHMCS has become the gold standard and so ubiquitous that it makes sense to just stick with them.


I suggest you work with a professional to provide you with typical solutions to these kinds of problems. However, the basic idea is:

A CRM should be at the center of your strategy. Salesforce is the CRM that is used by everyone however, it's quite expensive. HubSpot is free for a variety of applications, so you can start there. We use this billing model for our plateform.

Store your files on the cloud drive. Make use of Google Drive if your business is already on Google Suite already, otherwise you can use Office 365 if you're on that. If you're not in Cloud for the purposes of the use of your office suite, make it so. If you're unable to fix it choose a service similar to Dropbox to store your files in cloud storage.

To complete the other components in the package, you'll require other SaaS solutions. The good part is that all integrate to Salesforce / HubSpot, so they will work well that way. If they aren't integrated then don't make use of them. Consider Mailchimp for email distribution and also look into Typeform for forms, etc.