cannot buy monthly box billing

Started by bandwo, Jun 27, 2022, 02:08 AM

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bandwoTopic starter

so i want to use box billing or something similar so people can order stuff and pay for it but i can only seem to order the 6 month period that i cannot afford.
anyone know either any alternatives or any way to pay the £5.95 monthy?


BoxBilling is now completely free and open source.

The information on the .com website about pro licences, etc. is out of date and should be ignored, it's misleading and should be updated very soon.

The up to date information is on the .org website and on GitHub.


Go check box billing again, they updated and now they made their service free, you definitely should go for it because it's the most qualified service so don't miss


boxbilling is a very interesting script, but it is practically not supported, two updates have been released that year. The development on the website may not appear for months. Although he says that he is preparing it in an open source ... has been promising for six his style.

+ Modules are easy to write

+ Scripts MVC architecture

+ Cheap (NOT FREE!!!)

+ + The program for resellers is not bad

+ User friends

- Many cons is support. they charge $ 5 a month and may not respond to the ticket for 3-5 days.