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Started by zetta81, Jun 27, 2022, 05:54 AM

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zetta81Topic starter

Hi. I was buying SSL from Gogetssl. Their cheapest price is $4.5/yr. But they don't accept credit card payments(Paypal, Skrill is forbidden on our country by our government) and I cannot add deposit.
Do you know another SSL provider(under $5/yr) that accept credit card payments directly?

Also we provide Let's Encrypt for free to our hosting customers(we have a hosting business separately).
 But do you know a paid DV SSL required instead of Let's Encrypt for an ecommerce site? Or can be Let's Encrypt enough?


I would say that it depends entirely on what customer information you are storing and transacting with on your server.

If you are using an external payment processor like Stripe or Paypal and payment card information never passes through your servers then I don't see much reason why a free SSL from an authority like LE is not absolutely fine.


Let's Encrypt certificates are perfectly fine for ecommerce sites.

Technically they are not different from DV certificates, same encryption, same everything, except the marketing/branding that browsers may display.

Of course its typical for various nefarious people to try to sell certificates by pretending as if they provide something extra. They don't.

Paid certificates are nothing but a scam. Do not fall for them, unless you want the extra "marketing" that comes with DV certificates.

Edwin Dunce

The price for SSL certificates typically ranges from $7 to $15 per year. However, if you buy a certificate for several years at once (3-5), then you can count on a discount of 30 to 90%. I personally bought here -
I note right away that I took it for 5 years and used just a credit card (it is not tied to PayPal). It cost me $21.95 (this is for five years, that is, $4.39 per year).
I know that the guys from also accept cards. The price is $3.88/year if taken for five years.

JeniAnderson - this is the certification authority with the highest rating (see BBB A + rating here), which was founded back in 2001.
They offer a wide range of digital certificates, such as SSL/TLS server certificates, document signing code signatures, and S/MIME email certificates.

Being a leading authority in the industry, It offers a number of features for its users, such as 256-bit SHA 2 https AES. encryption, free web site printing, round-the-clock support and seven days a week, as well as free unlimited reissues of certificates during the entire validity period of the certificate.

NameCheap offers a full range of SSL certificates, so you'll find something there, regardless of your requirements or budget. Standard Domain Verification Certificates (PositiveSSL) start at $5.99 per year, but there are also premium certificates that cost up to $120.78 per year.

GlobalSign, founded in 1996 and based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, is one of the most popular SSL certification authorities on the market.

GlobalSign has established itself as a well-known identity services company, providing cloud-based PKI solutions for businesses that want their site to have secure connections, conduct secure e-commerce transactions and deliver content flawlessly to their users and customers.

Thawte is known for providing affordable SSL certificates, as well as 18 years of reliability. They offer a complete list of SSL products, which includes EV, OV, DV, SGC, Wildcard and even SAN SSL certificates.

As a provider of low-cost SSL certificates, Thawte SSL plans are reasonably priced, with their cheapest price being $149 per year, which includes a number of features such as 256-bit encryption. There is an option to add a wildcard to the plan for an additional fee.