Hosting with good support?

Started by, Aug 02, 2022, 09:55 AM

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I chose hosting for myself. It seems to have taken not the cheapest option. Firstly everything worked fine. And support responded quickly. But! Communication with support only through the ticket system.
And this is what I don't like at all. After 3 months of use, problems arose that needed to be addressed urgently.

I waited for an answer through tickets for 2 days, but even after that time the problem was not solved. Lost a lot of clients.
Is this a normal communication system? I see many hosting providers practice this. Why?


Yes, many. But this is how the hosting provider protects itself from annoying clients. But this is mainly for cheap hosting. It is better to take a more expensive hosting, it will work better and allocate guaranteed resources.

You need to get away from such hosting providers. Because in case of problems, you can't quickly solve the situation.