Hosting with remote MySQL access

Started by rajan, Aug 11, 2022, 12:17 AM

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rajanTopic starter

I need a hosting (php\mysql) with the ability to remotely access MySQL.
those. so that my application (written in C#) can use that database.

There are many companies on the market that provide remote access to the DBMS, but there is that a problem: at the hosting panel, you must explicitly specify the IP addresses from which access to the database is allowed.
Employees of our organization are located in different cities of France (besides, some of them have dynamic IP), so adding IP addresses to the list of allowed ones is not an option.
Tell me the hosting server where this restriction is missing: i.e. it is possible to use MySQL from any IP, not only those allowed in the hosting panel.


As for me, it's easier to take VDS for these purposes. But if you need hosting service, then use Zomro. The servers are installed in the Netherlands, which indicates high quality + good price / quality ratio.

Also, I propose to rent my Dedicated server in any country in the world. Access by IP to SQL directly or with MySQL/iptables filtering by IP addresses, configured by standard Linux/MySQL tools if there is root.
I can help you choose the good price / performance solution, choose a data center, compile Apache / MySQL.