How dangerous is it to transfer files to a server via regular FTP?

Started by amitkedia, Jul 22, 2022, 02:15 AM

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amitkediaTopic starter

Since recently, I can only connect to the server through "regular FTP", as Filezilla writes.

How dangerous is it?
Hosting support wrote: "Please note that when you test the work without
encryption, we recommend you use a temporary password."

Donna D. Phillips

Absolutely safe if there are no hookers, loggers, etc. on your computer. For a static IP, you can restrict FTP access only to it, and then nothing is scary at all.

Just change your password afterwards to be 100% sure that everything will be fine with the site.
Or just set a strict, comfortable password once and don't worry about it anymore.


In the case of an encrypted connection, the traffic can be intercepted in the same way, but it will not be possible to view it, since it is almost impossible to decrypt the raw "leaked" data.

As for the password - just set a strong, convenient password once and never worry about it again.