I see the old site from my IP

Started by natmir, Jul 21, 2022, 12:09 AM

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Transferred my site to a new host, everything is fine, but it turned out that not quite everything.
From my IP, I can see the site that was left on the old server, databases and stuff are read from there. If I go through the anonymizer or any other IP, I see the site on a new hosting.

What is the problem? Did the old hosting mess something up, is the ISP late in updating DNS, or maybe something else?
Anybody who has experienced this, or just knows the answer, please explain.
P.S. the website has been hosted on a new host for 3 days already, i.ะต. more than 24-48 hours have passed.


1. DNS update
2. browser cache (or whatever) [F5]
I had the same several times when transferring my site, a day has passed - it seems that there are already visitors in the new server (according to internal statistics), that is, the DNS has been updated, but I still see the old site ... left the FF, went in - already a new website


You probably just saved your data in cache, try to clean it or update your software (start from updating dns as said upwards or maybe update all of your programmes)


In the management console,

1) Parameters >> Network >> Change the PBX to "Dynamic (changing) public IP address" OK, restart the PBX services.
2) Repeat the process by specifying now a "Static (immutable) public IP address" and after OK, restart the PBX services.

The PBX will send a request to the Google DNS servers that use (if you have the address set in your settings or as the main DNS server)
and after that the server data will update the DNS server records.

Now, the fact is that it may take about an hour (if the PBX services are restarted for about 30 minutes), but we cannot guarantee.
The main problem is that even if the PBX changes the records on the public DNS server, what will happen to any remote user (3CX client or desktop phone)?
Can these extensions correctly resolve the new IP address of the PBX, or will there be an old IP address in the cache that they received from the remote local DNS and they will have to wait until the TTL expires to make a new request?