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Started by autorenta, Jul 25, 2022, 01:30 AM

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I've tried so hard, but I still can't understand why such low prices are possible with such services:
Plus, they place fucking-sized hosting backups apart of their disks.
The quality of services is quite good.


High competition gives rise to more and more attractive proposals, this cannot but rejoice)) Probably, people have ceased to calculate the return on business for 1-2 years, and are ready to make investments with a lower profitability.

Everywhere there are own characteristics and pitfalls. Else, there would be only one hosting provider left in the world.


WEB Hosting is a service of hosting a website on a computer with constant Internet access.
The computer in that case is a high-performance server, and you rent part of its resources, which ensure the operation of your website. The server with your service is located in a data center with uninterrupted power supply and under the constant supervision of specialists. Even if the electricity is turned off near the data center, the servers will continue to work and the site will be accessible.

In theory, you can host the website on your home computer, but it will be very difficult to achieve uninterrupted operation of the web site. In addition to uninterruptible power supply, network channels are reserved in data centers, and servers are assembled from more reliable components than conventional computers. Especially important server components are duplicated. Data centers are designed to reduce the probability of server downtime to zero, and in case of problems, specialists eliminate them as quickly as possible.