What Are The Problems Faced While Uploading Cgi Scripts?

Started by stellarhomes, Sep 06, 2022, 12:02 AM

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What problems can be encountered during the uploading of CGI scripts?


One possible reason, though not the main one, for script execution issues could be due to an incorrect server configuration. It is likely that the user's permissions do not include the necessary rights to execute scripts within the directory.

When working with the Apache Web server, proper settings adjustment can help resolve this issue. Another potential problem that could prevent successful script execution is an improper attribute placed on a script directory. Since Web servers operate under different user accounts, it is important to ensure that scripts have the appropriate access to necessary resources such as certain folders or files.

To provide full access rights to the directory and allow for writing by anyone, it is necessary to adjust the directory's attributes. For example, in FAR, one would put all the crosses, whereas in ftp.exe, the command is 'CHMOD 777 <directory>'.

As a recommendation, creating separate directories exclusively for scripts while using them to write data can help avoid such issues. It is also best to limit access to only a specific file (with an access mask of 666), rather than granting access to the entire directory.


What are the risks associated with CGI scripts? These scripts can contain errors that can be exploited and should be written with the same care as programs for the server due to their ability to act as small servers themselves. However, authors of web systems who lack network programming experience may tend to create insecure CGI scripts.

CGI scripts can reveal system information that can be used maliciously, and scripts that deal with user input data can be prone to attacks that execute arbitrary commands. Even if a server is operating under the "nobody" user rights and in a chroot environment, an erroneous script can still provide enough information for system exploitation.

To minimize risks, it is advised to store CGI scripts in separate directories such as the cgi-bin directory. This makes it easier to control access and reduces the chance of chaos on the server, especially when multiple authors of web documents are involved. It is also important to limit script placement access to system administrators only. Additionally, the use of the cgi-bin directory with proper access rights can help reduce the chances of a hacker placing a file with an extension.cgi in the documents directory and subsequently executing it through a server request.