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Started by vikov, Jun 19, 2022, 10:51 AM

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I have a client with a wholesale shoe business. They now are telling me that their issue is as follows: They have orders from stores for shoes, different quantities of various models and colors and sizes. They then must deliver a sum total of all shoes required to their manufacturer, in an orderly fashion. They are looking for software to help them organize and automate this as much as possible.

I have looked around and found ERP software, but nothing that seems to clearly match their fairly simple needs.

Can anyone suggest any open source packages that could help with this?


It's doubtful you'll find a solution "out of the box" without need for further configuration. But most accounting modules within ERP packages should be able to handle it with a few tweaks.
 Also, dedicated accounting packages should be able to aggregate orders to fit your client's needs.


Look at Microsoft's Cloud for Retail offerings for this in particular Dynamics365. You can either just buy the licenses you need and configure certain parts or you can buy the entire suite of Dynamics365 and get CRM and ERP in the one platform and it fully integrates with the rest of the Microsoft suite including Microsoft 365 Outlook and Teams.

Don't worry about how much it costs consider it as an investment in the business and a massive time saver.


I've seen people recommending NetSuite and Acumantica for wholesale business often, also QckBook commerce might work, the problem is most of the ERP software is kinda old now and there are no new programs that came out recently


My Warehouse
Internet service for trade management, designed to automate small and medium-sized businesses. Allows you to manage sales and purchases, control mutual settlements, work with the user base, keep inventory records, and print all the documents necessary for doing business.

A cloud service that helps small business manage wholesale and corporate sales and purchases, accept, place and manage wholesale orders online and manage all transaction communications in one system.

Remote Representative
The order program allows you to automate the work of managers of a large wholesale company with customers via the Internet. Using the program, you can automate the provision of information about goods (prices, weight, stock availability), the formation of an order by the user, the receipt of an application for the purchase of goods and the entry of an application into the accounting program.