What Are The Problems Faced While Uploading The Cgi Scripts?

Started by stellarhomes, Sep 06, 2022, 12:02 AM

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What Are The Problems Faced While Uploading The Cgi Scripts?


The first, but not the main reason, may be an incorrect server configuration.
Most likely, he simply does not have the right to run scripts from this directory.
I always consider only the Apache Web server, so I will give the settings for it.

Incorrect attribute on the script directory.
Many scripts not only output some information, but also write something to certain folders or files. Here it is necessary to provide proper access to these resources.

Any Web server does not work on your behalf, but on behalf of another, so when running a script, it does not provide it with your capabilities. You must put attributes on the directory in which the script is written for full access, i.e. for writing to anyone.
To set such attributes in FAR, put all the crosses. In ftp.exe the command is like this:
CHMOD 777 <directory>
Therefore, the ADVICE. Create separate directories specifically for scripts and use them to write data. And it is best to access only a separate file (in that case, the access mask is not 777, but 666 )