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Started by qx_1789, Aug 10, 2022, 12:20 PM

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qx_1789Topic starter

I am looking for a program to check domain names for employment.
I need something from free software just to check .com .net .org .info biz, etc.
Which do you advise?


When checking domain names, you need to be very careful.
For instance, at the beginning of August I checked domains on various resources. I found a domain on dotcom that I liked.
Checking by DomainTools showed that no one owned the domain before me.
This is a rather rare occurrence, because. usually all normal dot-coms, if they are free, then there is a high probability that someone once owned them. And mine, which I chose - no one owned.

As a result, it was got after 2 weeks ... My surprise knew no bounds :)
The registrar internrtbs.net has a private search - i.e. everything that you were looking for, no one will be able to see later. I recommend.
Ok, there is a restriction on adding domain names, and the search itself is not implemented in the most convenient way.