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Started by sebastian, Sep 19, 2022, 02:07 AM

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sebastianTopic starter

Please tell me how the value of domain name increases over time:

What is the graduation scale:
 half a year, a year, 3-5 years ?
 How does the value of the domain name increase over time in accordance with the experience? (At least approximately, as a percentage or how many times)?
it is not clear why many hunt for aged domain names at the auction of those who are being released? Why do they do that when, for instance, you can find an analogue from the New registrations much cooler in meaning?

Rita Jaiswal

The name is cool,  etc.
Here is a fresh example. I came up with the domain . It is free. It is useful to check: the domain name was occupied from 2008 to 2017 and even had 2 owners.
The second one grabbed him at the drop point in the control center.

I looked at the web archive: the 1st owner on it made a kind of dating website for french-speaking foreigners, but why is the copyright worth the mamba. Maybe it's just sparse content, since according to statistics, the site allegedly had 17 million participants with questionnaires and 94,000 online on the snapshot on its date.
The website existed from 2010 to 2013 and then died. And then the domain was bought and there was an online cаsino on it. And since 2016, the domain name is still free.

The domain will be 12 years old. But in the eyes of the SEs, rather 0. The countdown will start from the moment of its registration again. And the countdown of the site's life is from the moment the site is launched on this domain name.

The name is generally fine. But I'm in no hurry to regale him. Such things.
If the domain name was dropped, the age is reset both in the whois and in the eyes of the PS.

Here's another one, by the way. There was one online store, which then went down and closed and the domain name was dropped. Somebody intercepted the domain and resold it. And I couldn't buy it because I slowed down. The buyer made the smelliest GS pоrn site imaginable on it. Just a gallery of pictures-links to videos with fucking.
Now, even if the domain is dropped tomorrow, I won't take it for nothing. Because the domain name is dirty, and if you do a project on it, then people will say: "And this used to be a pоrn site on it?".

At the same time, the domain has nothing to do with pоrn, erоtica, etc. And is not connected with the online store, a completely neutral name. I wanted to buy it for nostalgic purposes. Certainly not for the store or pоrn.


Domain names with a link are intercepted at minimal prices for doorways pоrn, because it is probably more difficult to get links to an аdult.
I don't see any other reasons why аdult doorways are cocked on drops. Fucked up damn everything. Apparently there is some kind of working topic. Sometimes there are good domain names on the drop, not only by reference, but also by name. And when you look at what was there - everything, just for the release. Because after such trash, you will be tortured to bleach it.
The domain name that I wanted to buy was sold for $50. And now I won't give you a penny. The same citizen intercepted another good domain name - for the same thing. But I found out that the website was closed and the domain was dropped six months after the site was closed. There's pоrn there now too.


the age of the domain and the site are not the same thing. The site can be registered on the Network later than the domain name.

    It will be clearer to explain by an example from life: imagine, a child was born, parents issued a birth certificate for him, entered his name there, but still make all decisions for the child.
Now it can be conditionally called a domain. After reaching the age of majority, it becomes independent and turns into a website, the age of which is counted from that moment.

    Search engines attach serious importance to the age of the domain, trust the "old people" more and when ranking them, they are taken to the leading positions in the output.