Domain ends, how not to lose website

Started by hanxlk, Jan 24, 2023, 08:37 AM

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hanxlkTopic starter

Greetings, the term of the domain is ending, and the extension turned out to be very expensive on this domain, what is better to do in order not to lose the site,
I find such options on the network as redirect, transfer, move the domain, change the domain name and several other similar options that completely confused me.
What is still better to do so that the site continues to work?


We need to buy a new domain before the old one ends.
Move the site to a new domain.
Set up a redirect from the old to the new domain name.

If you don't understand, contact a specialist. Although... in terms of money, it will be like an old one to extend or even more expensive.


renew the domain. Especially if it's a selling site.

No, you can fool around with a transfer to another name in another zone - but fantastically cheap zones will be like .xyz ;) You can transfer and redirect to the old one - maybe they will remember. But from my point of view, it would be better to extend it. Although of course this is purely IMHO.