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Started by Mritunjay, Nov 19, 2022, 02:58 AM

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The story began with the fact that I did not renew the domain on time. The deadline ended on September 1st, on September 2nd I replenished the balance and pressed the cherished "Extend" button. Everyone who is somehow connected with web development knows that domain renewal is given 30 days after the end of the previous payment and no one can take it. Only after 30 days the domain is completely removed from delegation and can be purchased by anyone.
In my history, I renewed the domain the very next day after the expiration date. But registrar has its own vision for domain renewal. On September 3, after the domain extension, its validity period, to my surprise, did not increase. Well, I think there may be a technical delay or something like that, usually any problems and issues are resolved within 24 hours. But it was not there. On September 3rd, the domain was not renewed. I attach a screen of the time when the domain was paid for and extended. The status of the application is "Executed".

I have already sent them a message with some indignation, but everything is cultural, as far as it can be in my situation. No one was in a hurry to answer this message to me. In the late afternoon, I called their hot number, which is listed on the website 8 800 .... . A certain employee of tech .support, who called himself Maxim, said to call back in 15 minutes, he will figure it out. An hour later I dialed them again. Maxim convinced me that the next day the domain will be 100% working. I'm sorry that I didn't write conversations on the phone, now I have to install the program so that there are even more proofs.
But registrar does not give up, as they say, our proud "Varangian" does not give up to the enemy. The fascinating journey of my misunderstanding continued. It's September 6th, it's cool outside. Friday warms my soul, and my ass is inflamed by the "high-quality" service of an "Accredited registrar". But hope dies last, I took my indignation under control, again I write to their technical support. Yes, yes, it's already starting to feel like banging your head against the wall.

In the message, I have already informed them that the guys, so, they say, is not good, if you do not take some measures to extend my domain, then I will have to submit the situation to the public. Yes, the vehicle moved on to threats, but what else to do if you live far from their office, and the scribbles and calls had no effect. Silence, Friday, it was getting dark...
Later in the evening, I started calling again, but no phone was answered. 8-800 just dropped off, and in Moscow it was said that everyone was busy, call me back later.
As a responsible office worker, I had big plans for Friday evening, and Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, on Friday, resigned to the fact that I would not see an extended domain as my ears, I went on vacation.

September 8th. Indignation got the upper hand, I call their phone again, the girl says that on the weekend of those. support does not work, so I describe the situation to her, she promises to transfer all of them to specialists immediately and they will write to me.
Since I am publishing this post on September 9th, you can guess that no one wrote to me or called, stupidly silence. This morning I wrote to them again in their "responsible" tech. support.

Someone may have encountered a similar situation? What actions should be taken so that the domain is still extended?
After 21 days, the domain is removed from delegation and it can easily be taken away. Which I would not like, since it has been owned for a long time and there is no desire to change it from the word at all. Besides, it has already been paid for, and the service has not been rendered. Peekaboo, save) Maybe there are representatives of registrar here who can shed light on my situation. What is so difficult about renewing a domain?


I think you will get your money back, but the domain name is no longer visible.
They just scored on you, they think one less woodpecker, one more, and what will he do?