a free tool for searching expired and deleted domain names

Started by Deepak1, Oct 21, 2022, 02:42 AM

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Deepak1Topic starter

We have launched Domfetch!

Domfetch is a free website for searching expired domain names. Users can search for available domain name registrations. We supplement these domain names with additional data to help users find valuable domains.
We created this tool because we found alternatives without specific data (for free), such as Moz, Alexa history (we check data for 6 years) and search volume history for 2 years.

Share your thoughts with us! Additional features and TLDs will be added in the future.

Expired domains:
Remote domains:

Examples of domain metrics include:


How accurate is your data? And how much does it cost to use your service?
For example, per month, or by the number of verified domains?