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Started by PrimoPierotz, Sep 25, 2022, 04:06 AM

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PrimoPierotzTopic starter

Hi. I decided to somehow create a new domain name and move my site there. Since the old one, for unknown reasons, fell under the filters of  Google. Although that is an ordinary women's portal, well, I posted a couple of dozen links to it in miralinks.
Now somebody has bought my old domain name and is completely copying my migrated website . And the old domain came out from under all filters, Visits have increased.
Well, here's how to deal with it all ..
Where in Google can I complain about copy paste? Maybe it will work.


In order to properly punish, it was necessary to initially take care of the content protection , such as sending yourself letters and original photos for presentation in court.

If you are faced with that for the first time, it is unlikely that you will be able to punish the thief, you will just lose time and nerves.
As correctly advised , it is better to draw conclusions and score, and it is better to spend your strength on creating a new one, but for the future, immediately work out a content protection system, and do not allow such situations.
Read the topics here, how people are fighting that infection. The fact that someone picked up the domain name you dropped is not the worst thing, because more often they take content from a live domain name.