What happens when a domain name is blocked?

Started by Bubunt, Jul 28, 2022, 12:46 AM

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How does domain name blocking work? I know that a domain can be blocked by some services, also by "blocking" can be called when search engines knock it out of their search.

Some questions

1. If the domain is called bla.fr, but it is a redirect to the resource itself. The resource itself is located on bla.bla.fr(subdomain). Can they block "bla.fr" if it is just a redirect, and the source itself is on a subdomain.

2. If the main domain name is blocked, can this somehow affect the subdomain?

3. If sanctions are imposed on the domain, blocking by some services, a search engine, something else .. will it work as a redirect? Or will it still be completely blocked? I remember that a large resource was blocked, and when going through the main domain, it simply redirected to another domain, to which the site was transferred due to blocking.
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1. I think yes. Entered into the register of banned addresses and still there is content there or a pure redirect;
2. I do not know. Very difficult. I saw blocking sites -  and the site worked without blocking.
3. I think it will be working. Again, an example - large torrent trackers block, and when you go to their addresses, they redirect you to mirrors.

All I've said needs to be verified. I do not know for sure.
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Obviously, if your website received a complaint from the copyright holder and you did not delete the content within 24 hours, which is why you can be blocked.
Write to the (registrar) hosting provider, let them unblock the domain name for a while, for instance for an hour and you delete it. It's simple, as a last resort, prohibit access to these pages in .htaccess, let the server give the 404 code.

By the way, I did not get to blocking by the registrar, the provider blocked.