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Started by alyajabeen, Oct 09, 2022, 12:30 AM

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alyajabeenTopic starter

It seems to me, or is it impossible to gain an expired domain name on Snapnames, if you don't want to pay more?
Mainly due to the fact that a user named "Mesassinsa" used a script that repeatedly bid on each domain at the last second until he won, auctions lasted for hours instead of lasting, and I always lost because the price became too high for the name.

Buying 95% of Snapnames domain names is beneficial for them, but please let us spend our money as well.
Is anyone else experiencing this?


Won a couple of domain lots on SnapNames.
But the acc was suspended under the pretext of non-payment.
I restored the acc through the caliper , but I still didn 't understand where to pay ?
There is nothing on the payment center tab.
Who knows how the lot is paid there ?


Back in May, I created an account with SnapNames, and made a pre-order for the vacant domain, entered the card details. a symbolic amount was withdrawn there, well, this is how it is accepted by many, they probably check the card. Some time passed and I tried to log into my account, and there -

Your SnapNames account has been suspended. For assistance in re-enabling your account, please contact a customer service representative at 1-877-352-5620 (or 1-570-708-8260 outside the United States).

In short, I scored on this, and then the other day an SMS arrived that 89 dollars were written off in favor of snapnames.
On the 16th I wrote to them describing the problem, silence. I speak English about nothing, calling is not an option. I do not know what to do.