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Started by chandanthaver, Oct 08, 2022, 08:07 AM

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Hello everybody. I want to buy a domain name.. but I can't check it in any way: history, incoming links, and so on. Who can help?


go to /.
Ahrefs to help you, there is information on the links and keys, and many more interesting things.
Semrush also has a check of the indicators you need, but as far as I know, you need to buy a package there.
On Serpstat, enter the domain address.There, in the free version, you can see 20 backlinks.

You can search directly for domain name owners through these services: — it's paid here.
It used to be free for registered users, now I don't know. The service shows all previous owners of the domain, not just the current whois. It should be understood that if international domains, if a data concealment service was ordered, then the information will not be displayed, only where and when the domain was delegated in one or another period of time.


Before buying a domain, it is recommended to check five of its parameters:

Indexing history.
Whois history.
The reference mass and the presence of mentions in search engines.
After getting a domain name, it also needs to be checked for past search engine filters.
This domain name should be added to the appropriate panel of the search engines Yandex Webmaster, Google Search Console, which will reflect the presence or absence of sanctions. If you skip this step, the presence of a bad domain history can lead to:

problems with indexing pages – most likely, they arose as a result of trading spam links or because of the placement of content with low uniqueness;
bad reputation among users;
deterioration of the ranking of the site in the search engine;