- currently 157K high bid on GoDaddy - what do you think will be th

Started by Plan, Jun 22, 2022, 03:32 AM

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PlanTopic starter currently on GD auction . 8 days left and already at 157,000$. Just curious to hear your analysis on this one and where it will land eventually.


I am almost certain it will be renewed by the current Japanese registrant. He is just seeing what his domains can fetch.

I won one of his other expiring names at GoDaddy Auctions and paid for it, but right after he renewed it by transferring it to Dynadot. The same happened with other domains after the auctions had ended.

I don't think this is a nice practice. Since I am not in the US, it cost me FX charges, and I had to wait about a week to get a refund from GoDaddy.