Registrar blocking domain name for 60 days

Started by KelpyMson, Oct 20, 2022, 08:40 AM

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Is it too long the 60 days domain name blocking?

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KelpyMsonTopic starter

Question/discussion: 60-day blocking of new domain names in your account. Has anyone ever paid a registrar to unlock a domain?
It's interesting to hear stories about the terrible 60-day delay. thank you in advance.


there was a website that was updated once a month, or even once every two months, there were only a few pages.
One day I didn't renew the domain, 2-3 months passed and a bunch of apes, as there were internal pages in the index, remained) True, there is no main thing, and many categories, but the internal ones remained.

There was a second site, it was updated more often, there were more pages, but after 2-3 updates there was not a single page left in the index.

But the positions will return. Again, I was convinced by personal example just a month ago. Here I will only talk about Google. There was a website with several pages, all traffic came from Google about 100 hosts per day stably, since the beginning of October the site was unavailable, in 1.5 months all 100% of the pages flew out.
After this time, I decided to return, restored the site, attached the domain, and sent it to the Google add-on. In just a week, Google returned all the positions and experienced 100 hosts , and even the positions have grown a little) I think even after the site is deleted, information about it will be stored in the Search Engine database for a certain time, including articles, links, etc.