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Started by rafiazafar, Sep 05, 2022, 10:42 AM

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rafiazafarTopic starter

Please tell me when the first bid from the registrar is sent?

For instance, if I make a maximum bid of $3K in the first minute, as soon as the domain appeared in the list of those being released and no one else from other registrars beat me, I am rightfully considered the first?
I.e. you can safely wait 30 days and that's it? Well, not counting the fact that the owner will extend.

Or, for instance, I made a maximum bet of $4K on the first day, and someone at another registrar made $4 the day before the end. Then there is a struggle among the registrars, who will be the first to apply on the final day?
Thank you.


And if we exclude lottery (will intercept \ will not intercept)?

And specifically:
I have an unsold domain, a "bird" in the zone .de, released next week. I wanted to see at GoDaddy what the bet would be there. I waited a week, it didn't appear on the list. looked at Dan, and there are already $2K, which means that at GoDaddy  it was closed at a rate of $2K. So?

The question arises - How to contact the buyer who put the maximum bid, and he is probably from that forum, and negotiate? I.e., I renew the domain and the buyer with a 100% guarantee takes it through the domain store?