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Started by rafiazafar, Sep 05, 2022, 10:42 AM

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rafiazafarTopic starter

Please tell me when the first bid from the registrar is sent?

For instance, if I make a maximum bid of $3K in the first minute, as soon as the domain appeared in the list of those being released and no one else from other registrars beat me, I am rightfully considered the first?
I.e. you can safely wait 30 days and that's it? Well, not counting the fact that the owner will extend.

Or, for instance, I made a maximum bet of $4K on the first day, and someone at another registrar made $4 the day before the end. Then there is a struggle among the registrars, who will be the first to apply on the final day?
Thank you.


And if we exclude lottery (will intercept \ will not intercept)?

And specifically:
I have an unsold domain, a "bird" in the zone .de, released next week. I wanted to see at GoDaddy what the bet would be there. I waited a week, it didn't appear on the list. looked at Dan, and there are already $2K, which means that at GoDaddy  it was closed at a rate of $2K. So?

The question arises - How to contact the buyer who put the maximum bid, and he is probably from that forum, and negotiate? I.e., I renew the domain and the buyer with a 100% guarantee takes it through the domain store?


Use the good old ExpiredDomain service. Just upload the desired domain name to the search bar and study the output.
Then, of course, each of the results obtained will require additional verification, but you can use this option to start.

After receiving the issuance of free domain names, you will be able to additionally check each for compliance with the necessary parameters — SEO content, reputation, ranking.
For this, services such as AHREFS Domain Ranking, link mass analyzers and many other tools will be useful. The more carefully you approach the analysis, the higher the final efficiency of the selected domain will be.