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Started by Austin, Sep 05, 2022, 04:31 AM

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I myself recently began to comprehend this direction of hobby + earnings and such a question has matured. And do you do before the sale when selling the domain name?
I will explain, for instance, design, branding and ready-made communities in social networks with design for that domain .
The experience is such, there was an IP firm in the photosphere and there was a photo website. So they were bombarded with offers, they offered websites with a landing page for my activities in the .fr zone. If you experiment, you can make money in that direction, if you show imagination and a little ingenuity.
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The normal course of thought you have is absolutely. I just didn't know it was called that.
Not just regaining the domain name, but already keeping potential buyers in mind.
We punch through the database of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, we find about 100 firms with the name of the domain, say Agrocomplex.

We are doing a landing on an agricultural complex, a general one that can suit all 100 firms. We do it according to all SEO rules, turnkey - agrocomplex. We drive away, we bring in, well, in general, we do everything according to the SEO, including  Facebook, tweet - in general, we prescribe everywhere.
And already in this form, after indexing, we offer potential buyers.

And if it's also with the original design - it's generally great!
Absolutely correct and sound idea.
This method is suitable, of course, if you do not have 1000 domain names.
And 50-100 pieces are quite possible to rivet landing pages. That is not a particularly tricky business - the main thing is to start, then it will go as if on a roll.


You just sharpen the landing on a turnkey basis-the name of the company. Let it be Agroprommash.
The key is non-commercial. There's plenty of free space in the top.
Check on the same "agroprommash", just drive it in without any frames.

Although of course you can expand the land, make reviews about agroprommash, well, there's something else - vacancies and other rubbish.
To spice up with pictures, videos - of course, unique.
There are websites in the top for agroprommash - none at all.
And here is a handsome land. Everything is sharpened, the content is unique (a scan of some thread from a book of the 60s) the pictures are unique, all the tags are registered, the video is unique. In short, everything is done wisely.
Departure at 10, without any runs, retweets and other Cossacks.
Although of course the  Facebook and tweet need to be screwed - for order. Why, it's business for half an hour.


Reverse Domain Capture.
Object of the attack is the domain name owner. The company registers a trademark for the domain it needs and sues the unsuspecting owner. Given that the cost of some domains can be several million rubles, the benefits of such a seizure are obvious.
And for some time this tactic worked - administrators were deprived of their domains and paid considerable compensation. But now the courts have begun to pay attention to the date of registration of the trademark and to stop attempts of "reverse takeover".

But you should not relax here either. A slightly improved reverse capture scheme is working again. To do this, a trademark is registered under the domain according to the class according to which activities are already being carried out on the domain name.