Where to keep .ORG domains

Started by Seattle, Sep 11, 2022, 08:11 AM

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SeattleTopic starter

Hello forum users.
Tell me who and where keeps the .org domains
Recently, my main registrar has been pushing up prices on them.
(extension or transfer It has 12.5 $)
Thank you in advance for the info.


It will not be much cheaper, after the registry raises the cost zone for registrars, $11 is a good price, the registrar's margin in it is almost zero.
A .biz at 1.99 registration is available.
Soon I need to transfer 50 .org domains and while I'm looking for where.
I'll try to talk to dynadot - sometimes they go to a meeting and make a discount.

And how much is the cost of holding .org domains from the registrar , who knows ?