Will the domain drop if registration lines expire tomorrow?

Started by neelseofast, Aug 24, 2022, 01:35 AM

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neelseofastTopic starter

Hello. I messed with the domain name a little, I have to run away from GoDaddy, but the transfer procedure takes up to 5 days. Domain expires tomorrow. Is there any chance to reschedule?
Support says that the domain name can be exported, but cannot be deleted and will be renewed for a year when the transfer is completed.


The transfer could be completed on the same day within a couple of hours.
If the domain name is in the standard gTLD zone and has not yet been expired, then even waiting for 5 days will not lead to its drop. The maximum will be removed from the delegation (although it's also not a fact if the transfer was launched before expiring), and after the transfer it will last for 1 year and the delegation will be restored.

From GD, you can also transfer expired domains, up to 21 days at least, maybe more.
most importantly, immediately accept the domain transfer in the GD panel, and then you don't have to wait 5 days to complete the transfer and the domain name is renewed.


In theory, if during the transfer period the domain name goes into the GRP period (not the case of TS-a), then the current registrar will automatically make a moneyback and the domain will go into GRP, thereby canceling the transfer. And then the domain name can only be restored in the registry at an increased price.

But there is one caveat, at the time of the transfer, the domain name goes into a blocking state, whether the registry can send it to GRP during this period or not is not completely clear. I don't want to make special experiments. If somebody had such an experience, share it.


Neither the domain name, nor the phone number, nor any other numbering/addressing resource is usually PROPRIETARY.
You pay for registration services and use the time that is allotted to you. Non-renewal of registration automatically returns the resource to the general database and someone else can use it without problems.
Another thing is that domains are a hot topic and how immoral it is to register a newly released name, everyone decides for himself.

I had a similar situation.
Notifications about the end of registration came, my balance was positive and sufficient to extend registration, but the money was not automatically debited and the support was stupidly silent and ignored my letters. the domain name is gone, and immediately.