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Started by webxerossolutions, Aug 07, 2022, 02:23 AM

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It would be interesting to know who sells domain names how, in terms of active and passive sales.

Active means: I myself am looking for a client
Under passive, respectively: the client finds me (my domain) himself

My case: about 70% active, 30% passive

This statistics also takes into account the sale of domain names on the relevant specialized forums.

If anybody is willing to share, I will be glad.


10% to 90%

and again, in terms of money, the advantage is in the direction of those who find me on their own. Apparently, actively selling is not my forte.

previously tried to actively sell. Tired. Now only the sedo auction and who comes himself. A lot of freaks with questions that, after the answer, stupidly merge. I'm not asking for millions..


Since I didn't expect to get a lot of money for my modest domain names, I decided to sell directly without any auctions.
In general, how many times I don't read about the sale of domain names, only 2 thoughts come to mind. Firstly, a lot depends on luck, it seems to me. Sometimes you read about such transactions that it does not fit into your head why a person threw out so much money for a completely unnecessary or incomprehensible domain.

Although, as someone correctly said, if a person knows exactly why he needs this or that domain name and he really really needs it, then he can pay any amount. On the other hand, you need to fumble in the domain business (as in any other, in principle). Hundreds of thousands of domain names are probably bought in a day, as many of them are released without any sales. If it seems to you that this or that name can cost 500, 3000 bucks, then this does not mean that it is so. The same Algis once told me that at first he squandered more than one piece of bucks on useless domains.
In short, you need to think very well and analyze many different factors if you are buying a domain specifically for sale. Otherwise, it seems that 95% of sellers are overcharging, and most of them are completely useless domains.