Advise a registrar. I need to transfer some domains

Started by outsourcefirm, Jul 19, 2022, 03:00 AM

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outsourcefirmTopic starter

After 20 years, a problem arose. I can't pay for domain renewals because through whom the payments went.

Interested in:
1. Reliability - many years of work
2. Acceptance of payments of all countries.
3. Adequate cost of renewal

I am looking for where to transfer my domains. Zones - com net info


12 years of stable work.
20+ payment methods, from all countries.
More than 800 domain zones, from $0.70, all prices are fair, already include the ICANN fee.


Do not use GoDaddy in any case. There are whole branches here that they block domain names at their discretion (and bought for gifs — so in general because of "unethical" content). In bundles. is the optimal choice. See good ones below: