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Started by searchcandy, Jul 28, 2022, 10:30 AM

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There is a plan and opportunities, at the expense of reselling domain names, if prices do not bend, but at first work at zero, then raise and have at least some $$ per registration, renewal in the same way - without cheating.
Such a question, is it profitable at the moment? and will it be profitable? Which services can be supplied (profitable) along with this?
I understand that it is of little use to promote only flooding on forums, what is the best way to proceed?

Everything for work is, I understand, at the expense of stupid questions and the time spent.


You can take anything, but it will be very difficult .
hardly sufficiently for "caviar sandwiches" ..

if done in conjunction with hosting services, it is possible that an additional service will work. And then, those who do not buy from their hosting provider are either looking for cheaper or more bulletproof. And to promote yourself to the first positions of the issuance will be unrealistic and furiously expensive (it will never pay for itself)


If we talk about the source of investment in the domain name market, it can be different — own funds, attracted, including borrowed.
But, I am sure that in the status of a reseller or registrar partner, as well as a domain investor, it is better to start a business with personal savings, without attracting loans and loans. The biggest and most valuable investment in a business will be the time that the founder is willing to spend on its development.
For a novice player, one of the success factors is marketing and the ability to attract customers, regardless of whether the primary market or secondary. This significantly affects the profitability of the business and its prospects. Also, for any startup in this industry, the competence of the founder and his involvement in the business are important. If the owner himself is one of the key specialists, then success is more likely than if he is a passive shareholder.

Where to start?
It is impossible to compare the primary and secondary markets, assessing which one is best suited for starting a business, because they are different and working on each of them requires a different approach.
The primary domain market is a classic of retail and the same laws work here: the share of sales is directly proportional to the share "on the shelf" in comparison with competitors, the average check is directly proportional to the time during which the buyer is in the store (in our case, in an online store) and so on.

The domainers' business requires a lot of knowledge in the professional field, an understanding of trends, as well as a good flair and the ability to find a client for a specific domain name .
And unlike the primary domain market, it is a kind of boutique service. Therefore, it is necessary to choose your niche based on what is closer to a particular person starting a business.