Escrow Services: different seller and owner

Started by Bravoman1, Jul 20, 2022, 02:03 AM

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Is it legally permissible, given the complex U.S. jurisdiction, for the payee (seller) and domain owner to have different names?


For obvious reasons, Escrow is not concerned with the names of the payee and domain owner, as it is the responsibility of the admin and seller, if they are not the same person. Tax questions are unlikely to arise if the payment is less than $10,000 and not a regular occurrence, but taxes can still be paid. If any questions arise, they will be directed to the seller since the funds are transferred to them and the domain is in their name.

Essentially, the state assumes that the seller owns the domain and sold it, even if the buyer's information is reflected in whois. In theory, Escrow may ask for confirmation or documents if there is a discrepancy between the admin and seller, which could potentially slow down the transaction, but the author did not face any issues for amounts under $10,000.


It is a fact that the domain name transfer will not be verified by the service, so waiting is not advised. The transaction can only be closed with the buyer's consent, and the service can manually change the status of the transaction at their discretion, disregarding any set deadlines. Essentially, working with them relies on the "goodwill" of the buyer. When working with .fr domains, they may not be able to return the item at all. This is the author's last contact with Escrow, and they believe that contacting the police will impress both sides as the idea of getting involved in criminal activity is daunting for them. Although the author loses out on transferring the domain name in good faith, they believe that the threat of criminal action will deter the other party.